Duet Microelectronics Launches New Family of DOCSIS® 3.1 Amplifiers

New Amplifiers Deliver Exceptional Combination of Linearity, RF Output Power and Efficiency to Enable the Newest Generation Infrastructure Networks

 RARITAN, N.J., May 14, 2018 – Duet Microelectronics LLC, an innovative RF semiconductor solutions provider, today introduced five new surface mount amplifiers optimized for DOCSIS® 3.1 applications.  The DMA231x family delivers ultra linear, high RF output power and outstanding efficiency to ensure optimal performance in a fully-loaded spectrum while minimizing operating costs.

“Our new family of industry-leading infrastructure amplifiers is helping to pave the way to advanced DOCSIS 3.1 services,”said Conrad Young, Marketing Director at Duet Microelectronics.  “With world-class linearity, RF output power and efficiency, the new DMA231x amplifiers enable MSOs to reliably and economically deliver ultra-high data speeds to subscribers.”

Duet Microelectronics’ DMA231x family has been developed to power modern 1794 MHz, 1218 MHz, 1090 MHz, 1003 MHz, and lower frequency DOCSIS® 3.1 physical layer (PHY) compliant HFC/FTTx/HPON and full duplex networks with unmatched bit efficiency.  The DMA2310, DMA2317 and DMA2318 are single-ended 75-Ohm input-output RF amplifiers.  The DMA2319 is a flat-gain, wide-bandwidth SIC- FreeSMDOCSIS® 3.1 full duplex amplifier.  The DMA2320 is a push-pull MDU/MTU amplifier. Designers and OEMs of drop amplifiers, FTTx ONTs with RF overlay, DSGs and home media gateways, D-CCAP and R-MAC nodes can leverage the DMA231x family’s Field-and-ForgetSMlowest cost per bit delivered performance.=

Duet Microelectronics DMA231x DOCSIS® 3.1 Amplifier Family Key Facts and Highlights:

  • Lowest Cost Per Bit Delivered Performance
  • Best-In-Class MER/BER for No Bit Error Digital Content Delivery Over Long Distances
  • Wide Single Voltage Operating Ranges (+5, +8, +12 Vdc) Maximizing Application Flexibility
  • 1794 MHz Bandwidth Compliance to DOCSIS® 3.1 Enables Advanced Services
  • DOCSIS® 3.1 Full Duplex and SATCOM/S-MATV RF Amplifiers
  • High-Reliability GaAs Technology for Field-and-ForgetSMTrouble-Free Operation
  • Easy-to-Use Surface Mount Packages with enhanced thermal performance

Duet Microelectronics DMA231x DOCSIS® 3.1 Amplifier Family:

Part Number Frequency Range
RF Output Power
Input Return Loss
Output Return Loss
DMA2310 5 to 210 14.5  +30 >40  -20  -25 +8.5 180 SOT-89
DMA2317 5 to 2700 14.5  +30 >40  -20  -25 +8 180 Batwing BW-16
DMA2318 5 to 210 14.5 +30 >40  -20  -25 +8 180 SOIC-8 
DMA2319 5 to 1794 13.5  +27 >40 -22  -25 +8.2 180 4x4x0.75 mm QFN-16 
DMA2320 5 to 210 14.5 +34 >52 -22 -25 +8 360 SOIC-8


About Duet Microelectronics LLC
Duet Microelectronics is an innovative RF semiconductor supplier headquartered in Raritan, NJ and focused on helping equipment manufacturers to build products that they couldn’t make before.  Since its founding in 2016, the Company has attracted the industry’s top design, engineering, process technology and applications talent.  Guided by veteran RF business leaders and supported by a robust supply chain, modern quality management, and service and support systems, the Duet Microelectronics team is able to offer top tier RF semiconductor technology, products, service and support.  For more information, visit www.duetmicro.com.