Duet Microelectronics Launches New CBRS Power Amplifier Modules

New Amplifiers Provide Best-in-Class Power Added Efficiency and Output Power for LTE Band 42/43/48 Citizens Broadband Radio Service / 5G Applications

RARITAN, N.J., March 19, 2018 – Duet Microelectronics LLC, an innovative RF semiconductor solutions provider, today introduced a new family of power amplifier modules (PAMs) optimized for LTE band 42/43/48 citizens broadband radio service / 5G applications.  The new DMA370x family provides exceptional power added efficiency and output power to enable high data throughput in long-reach and medium-reach HetNet small cell transmitters.

“The CBRS 3.5 GHz band is opening up new possibilities for next-generation 5G wireless communications,” said Tim Laverick, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Duet Microelectronics.  “Our new power amplifier modules provide the optimal blend of efficiency and output power to enable small cell equipment manufacturers to deliver exceptional performance for enhanced throughput and coverage area.”

Duet Microelectronics’ DMA370x family has been developed to power tomorrow’s LTE-A-Pro, CBRS, and 5G networks with unmatched bit efficiency.  Both the DMA3700 and DMA3701 amplifiers offer 35 dB of gain.  The DMA3700 produces 4 Watts of RF power (OP1dB) with greater than 28% PAE while operating from +8 Vdc single supply.  This performance makes the DMA3700 ideal for dense coverage long-reach class HetNet small cell transmitters.  The DMA3701 produces 2 Watts of RF power (OP1dB) with greater than 22% PAE while operating from +5 Vdc single supply.  This performance makes the DMA3701 ideal for HetNet small cell medium-reach transmitters or user equipment transmitters when operated from +3.6 Vdc.

Duet Microelectronics DMA37xx CBRS Transmit Module Family Key Facts and Highlights:

  • High Gain High Power Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)/5G TDD Power Amplifier Module (PAM)
  • 35 dB Minimum Gain from 3550 to 3700 MHz
  • Gain Flatness ± 0.25 dB within any 10 MHz Channel
  • +36/+33 dBm OP1dB (CW Tone) DMA3700/DMA3701
  • +28/+24 dBm Linear RF Power Output TD-LTE Uplink (B42/B43/B48), DMA3700/DMA3701
  • Power Added Efficiency > 28%/22%, DMA3700/DMA3701
  • Single Power Supply Input (+8 Vdc for DMA3700, +5 or +3.6 Vdc for DMA3701)
  • Operating Current = 250/200 mA Typical (Pdiss ≈ 2/1 Wdc), DMA3700/DMA3701
  • Low Profile Miniature 10-Pin 5 x 5 x 1.2 mm Surface Mount Package

Duet Microelectronics DMA37xx CBRS Transmit Module Family:

Part Number Frequency Range
Output OP1db
Linear RF Out
DMA3700 3550 TO 3700 35 +36 +28 >28% <2.5% +8 250 5x5x1.2 mm
DMA3701 3550 to 3700 35 +33 +24 >22% <2.5%  +5 200 5x5x1.2 mm


About Duet Microelectronics LLC
Duet Microelectronics is an innovative RF semiconductor supplier headquartered in Raritan, NJ and focused on helping equipment manufacturers to build products that they couldn’t make before.  Since its founding in 2016, the Company has attracted the industry’s top design, engineering, process technology and applications talent.  Guided by veteran RF business leaders and supported by a robust supply chain, modern quality management, and service and support systems, the Duet Microelectronics team is able to offer top tier RF semiconductor technology, products, service and support.  For more information, visit www.duetmicro.com.