At Duet Microelectronics, our singular focus is helping you build products that you couldn’t make before. Since our founding in 2016, we have attracted the industry’s top design, engineering, process technology and applications talent. Guided by veteran RF business leaders and supported by a robust supply chain, modern quality management, and service and support systems, our team is able to offer top tier RF semiconductor technology, products, service and support.

Innovative Design Techniques

Our passionate design team, located at our headquarters in Raritan, New Jersey, is implementing groundbreaking RF semiconductor design techniques to produce products that deliver superior performance and reliability. Nobody understands and solves your RF challenges faster and better than our team. In addition to developing our rapidly growing product portfolio, the design team is developing custom RFICs for the needs of specific customers.

Advanced Process Technology

As a modern RF semiconductor company, we are able to leverage the latest III-V and silicon process technology to enable high performance devices that operate from a few megahertz to terahertz frequencies.

Applications Expertise

From 5G and CBRS to DOCSIS® 3.1 networks and FTTx infrastructure, we understand your applications and the associated challenges that you face. Our experienced team has a proven track record of helping engineers and designers overcome these challenges and achieve their RF objectives.

Nobody Outperforms Duet Microelectronics

Everybody talks about great service and high performance products, but once you have worked with Duet Microelectronics you’ll know what exceptional service and solutions can truly be. Nobody works harder or more diligently to make sure you get the highest performing RF solutions you need, when you need it, and backed by the service you deserve.

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